I have a tendency to think of fun ideas at the last minute. You know….like let’s make sugar cookies and then remember the dough has to chill for 24 hours before baking. The same thing happened with some cute New Year’s Eve photo props I wanted to make. I didn’t have time to let the Liquid Deco Foil™ Adhesive dry so I decided to go another route and use Therm O Web Deco Foil™ Foam Adhesive.

rk tow new years-5

Deco Foil New Year’s Photo Props!

Project Supplies:

Deco foil™ Transfer Sheets

Deco foil™ White Foam Adhesive Sheets

Just turn the prop over and trace onto the Deco foil foam adhesive sheets.
rk tow new years-4One side is papery and easily takes pen. Cut out the desired shape and remove one side of the release paper. Apply to your prop and then remove the other release paper. Press Therm O Web Deco Foil™ Transfer Sheets onto the Foam Adhesive. The pretty foiled side should be up facing you. With your finger rub until the foil is transferred. For this prop, I first painted the wood and then decided to embellish it with punched hearts.

rk tow new years-1
Punch out the hearts and then follow the same process as above. Remove backing and adhere to prop.

rk tow new years-2
Then remove the second release paper and rub foil on top until transferred. Lift away foil to reveal foiled shapes.

rk tow new years-3
Wasn’t that easy? All that’s left is finding a backdrop…

rk tow new years-6
and some willing participants! Even semi-willing participants will do lol!

rk tow new years-7
Happy New Year!

🙂 Rebecca

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