Hi all!  Carla here from Creatin’ in the Sticks and I’m excited to be on the Thermoweb blog again with a super fast and fun fabric craft idea.  It’s animal week here on Thermoweb’s blog and I have a sweet and soft applique sheep pattern to share.

Have you tried HeatnBond Soft Stretch Ultra Fusible Web Adhesive yet?  It’s a NO SEW, lightweight iron-on web adhesive specially designed to move with your stretch fabric while maintaining a strong bond.  HeatnBond Soft Stretch Ultra Fusible Web Adhesive is perfect if you are appliqueing on a tee and don’t want to stitch around the applique. Better yet, this little sheep can be appliqued with stretchy fleece fabric and still be super soft.   Let’s get started.

NO SEW Sheep Applique Tee

by Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks

please read through the complete instructions before starting. 


Sheep Applique Pattern click HERE

HeatnBond Soft Stretch Ultra Fusible Web Adhesive

Pressing Paper

1 – Cotton t-shirt (this one is 18 months size)

Fleece fabric:  white – 8” square, beige – 5” square, and black – 3 ½” square

Ink Jet Printer, Iron (I love my pink Oliso), Permanent Marker, Sharp scissors, Parchment paper

Sheep Applique Instructions:

Prepare the applique patterns

Trace all the sheep templates onto the paper side of the HeatnBond Soft Stretch Lite Fusible Web Adhesive with a permanent marker.  The patterns are reversed for you.


Cut the templates apart leaving about ¼” around the outside of the lines.  Place the template pieces, fusible web side down, on the wrong side of the fleece fabrics.  Pieces A, E, G, and K are white fleece, off white pieces are I, J, and D, and the black pieces are B, C, H, F, and L.

Cut out all applique pieces on the solid black lines.

Make the Sheep Applique

Place one sheet of Pressing Paper, shiny side up, over the Sheep Applique Key on an ironing surface.  Peel the backing paper off of the applique pieces and place them, adhesive side down, on the Pressing paper using the key as a guide. Once the applique is positioned correctly, press the applique pieces for 5 seconds to adhere the pieces together.

Remove the applique from the Pressing paper.

Bond the Sheep Applique

Next, place the t-shirt on an ironing surface.  Insert a piece of parchment paper inside the shirt to protect the backside of the shirt.  Press the front of the t-shirt smooth.

Next, place the sheep design on the shirt with the fusible web side down and press with a hot iron with steam for 20 seconds.  Do this in sections until the entire applique is bonded.  It’s important to let the design cool.  NO SEWING!

This pattern is special because I have a wee one in my life that loves animals and is learning what the animals say.  Knowing that the sheep say “Baa” makes her so excited and this shirt is perfect for her.

Bonus Letter Pants

To make a complete outfit, add the letters B, A, and A to a pair of matching pants using the steps above. Use the reversed letters in the pattern.

Make your little one a little farm animal outfit for every day of the week.  There are so many fast fabric possibilities with HeatnBond Soft Stretch Ultra Fusible Web Adhesive.