We have seen so many changes in our lives over the last three months. Wearing face masks is one big change we are all dealing with. In order to make it easier to have one on hand at all times, I designed this simple drawstring pouch that you can use to store your face mask until you need it. And, this pouch is washable, just like your mask should be so you can always keep them clean and ready to go.

Face Mask Drawstring Pouch Tutorial


Cutting Instructions for Drawstring Pouch:

  • From Outside fabric- cut 2- 7″ W X 8″ H rectangles
  • Cut 2- 7″ W X 8″ H rectangles out of lining fabric
  • From fusible Light interfacing cut 2- 6 3/4″ W X 7 3/4″ H rectangles

Prepare Outside of pouch:

  • Trace the heart shape onto your scrap of Heat n Bond Lite fusible adhesive.
  • Cut out the heart leaving a slight margin around the traced line.
  • Fuse the heart to the wrong side of a piece of fabric (I am using the lining fabric)
  • While at your iron Fuse the light interfacing to the wrong side of both outside fabric pieces.

  • Cut out the heart along the traced line.
  • Remove the paper backing from the heart.
  • Position the heart where desired on the front outside fabric piece and fuse into place.
  • Sew around the heart using a narrow zig-zag stitch.

Assemble Face Mask Drawstring Pouch:

  • Mark on your front outside piece as indicated on the pattern to create an opening on the side seams for the drawstring channel. The marks should be 3/4″ and 1 1/4″ down from the top on either side.
  • Mark on one lining piece an opening of 3″ on the bottom, use the marks on the pattern or just measure in 2″ from each side.
  • Place the front outside fabric piece and the marked lining piece right sides together. (Do this for the second pieces of outside and lining pieces also.)
  • Sew across the top of the fabric pairs using a 1/4″ seam allowance. (*note: the images show a larger seam allowance. After assembling the first pouch I realized that a 1/4″ seam allowance is much easier to manage.)
  • Press the seam allowance toward the lining fabric.

  • Place the two halves of the drawstring pouch right sides together. The outside fabric pieces and lining fabric pieces should be facing each other.
  • Begin at one side of the opening marks in the lining and sew around all four sides of the pouch. *NOTE: Backstitch at the beginning and end of each section of sewing. Stop sewing at the marks for the channel on the outside pieces, and resume sewing at the second channel mark.

  • Clip the corners of the outside and lining and turn the pouch right side out.
  • Press the seams, turning under the seam allowance in the opening in the lining.
  • Sew the lining opening closed using a topstitch.

  • Push the lining into the pouch, the top edge of the pouch should be the seam between the lining and outside.
  • Press the top seam well.
  • Sew around the opening of the pouch at the top and bottom of the channel openings in the side seams- this should line up at 1/2″ and 1″ marks from the top of the pouch, but if seam allowances are off, go with the opening of the seam to indicate the measurement.

  • Cut two 16″ drawstrings and use a safety pin to guide them through the channels. Each drawstring should enter and exit the pouch on the same side.
  • Knot the ends of the drawstrings together to keep them from coming out of the pouch.

Now you have a fabulous pouch you can store your mask in while it’s in your purse or other bags. Remove your mask and return it to the pouch when not in use and wash both masks and pouch regularly to maintain cleanliness.

Who would have thought when this year started we would even need such a thing as a pouch for your face mask? But, since we’re here – we might as well make it cute, right?

Happy Sewing my friends, and stay safe and healthy! xoxo, Amy

2 Comments on Face Mask and Fabric Drawstring Pouch Tutorial

  1. sewhappy
    July 15, 2020 at 8:47 pm (3 years ago)

    thank-you. A bag for masks have been in my “to do” list for a bit”

  2. Carol O
    October 9, 2020 at 3:16 pm (3 years ago)

    I says Face Mask and Fabric Drawstring Pouch. I am not seeing the Face Mask please direct me. Thank you.