Hi there, Jenifer here with you today to share this super cute Zombie Doll that I made with some of Cori Dantini’s Spirit of Halloween fabrics.  I absolutely adore Cori’s fabrics and one of the small panels made the perfect body for my doll.

Fabric Halloween Zombie Doll with HeatnBond

Zombie Supplies needed:

Other Supplies:

Simplicity Pattern, erasable marking pen, Iron (Oliso Pro), sewing machine, sharp scissors, other general sewing supplies, tulle, yarn, buttons and felt.

I use this Simplicity pattern a lot so I have it traced onto some StitchNSew Pattern Material.  This is great to do if there is a loved pattern that you use a lot this helps make it last longer.

For her oh-so-pretty hair, I used some velvet fabrics I had on hand.  Velvet tends to stretch so I used HeatNBond EZ Tee Stabilizer.  This helped keep her hair so it didn’t stretch out and held its shape plus made it much easier to manage.

Follow the basic instructions from the pattern to make the doll but just make it your own.

For the eyes, I cut large circles out of white felt and then sewed little buttons in the center of the circle.

I made the little stitch marks with a sharpie but you could easily stitch them on.  I also used a sharpie for the black circle around the felt and some pink chalk for the cheeks.

I braided 15 strands of yarn for the hair and just tacked it down along the head so it would stay in place.  I love these fabrics and I think it was perfect for the cutest little zombie doll.

Happy Halloween!!

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