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Quilt Block Binder Cover

Beginner sewing pattern!


Supplies are relative to the size of the binder you choose to cover. You may need more or less than what is described.

  • Quilt Block Binder Cover Pattern: August BOM Back to School

  • Binder (The one pictured is a 2″ binder)
  • Finished Quilt Block 12.5″ (Pictured is Thermoweb’s BOM August 2022 found on the “Thermoweb Craft Room” Facebook page in the Files section.
  • Extra fabric to extend the quilt block at least 1/2″ larger all the way around chosen binder. See the diagram to the right.
  • One piece of fabric for the inside of the binder cover. This fabric isn’t really seen. It needs to be the same size or slightly larger than the front binder cover piece.
  • Medium Fusible Weight Interfacing. You will need 2 pieces the size of the binder. See step 3 in the pattern.
  •  4 pieces of fabric for the sleeves. 2 will be on the inside and not seen and 2 will be on the outside. They should be 1/2″ larger all the way around the fusible.
  • Oliso Iron.
  • Basic sewing notions.
  • Needle and sewing thread for hand stitching.


Begin by…

Make or choose the quilt block for your binder front.  The quilt block below is the August BOM, a free pattern available in the files section on Thermoweb’s Facebook Group: Therm O Web Craft Room.


Cut out the medium-weight interfacing according to the pattern.  Take one of the interfacing pieces and fold it in half. Cut 2 1/2 – 3 inches on the fold.

In addition, gather/cut the fabric for the binder sleeves and large backing piece. You will also need to add additional fabric to the quilt block to make it long and wide enough on all four sides of the piece so that the fabric extends by at least 1/2″ all the way around.



Fuse the interfacing to the front binder sleeve pieces and the front of the binder cover.  Align the interfacing at least 1/2″ away from the edge of your pieces.

Continue by…

With the right sides together, sew one front sleeve piece with a stabilizer to one sleeve piece without a stabilizer. You only need to sew ONE of the long sides. The other sides will be sewn into the cover in the next step. Sew 1/4″ away from the stabilizer. Turn right side out and press.


Place the large inside backing piece face up. Layer the sleeves with the un-sewn edges on the outside right side facing up and then finally the larger interfacing piece face down.
Make sure you can see all the layers behind the front binder piece. This ensures you will catch all the layers as you are sewing.

The sleeve pieces should be equal on both sides in relation to the front binder piece.
Sew around the entire binder cover leaving a 2.5-inch opening for turning. Sew a 1/8″ away from the interfacing. Back stitch where the binder sleeves are sewn for extra stability. Trim the excess fabric. to 1/4″. DO NOT TRIM near the opening or you will have a tough time hand stitching it shut.



Turn right side out, press and hand stitch the opening closed.


Check out the video tutorial for the Quilt Block Binder Cover.

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