Laura Gunn Felt ClutchHello everyone!  It’s Kim Lapacek from Persimon Dreams.

I’m going to share with you a fun DIY hack to create a unique gift this holiday season.


Thick felted Clutch or other non-meltable fabric bags (think natural fibers like cotton wool)
HeatNBond® Ultrahold Fusible Adhesive
Pressing Paper
Large Scale Printed fabric

How To Embellish a Clutch

clutch fusible fabric

Collect all your supplies.  In this instance, I found some great thick felt clutches at Target.  I decided to cut into my beloved stash of Laura Gunn Poppy fabric.

size fusible

Rough cut out the HeatnBond Ultrahold fusible so it covers the area of the fabric you’d like to fuse onto the bag.

Cover the fusible with a pressing paper and then press with a hot iron to fuse it to the wrong side of the fabric.

rough cut

Rough cut around the fusible first and make sure the image will fit onto the clutch before the final trim.

trim as desired

Trim as desired.  I personally liked leaving just a bit of the background on the flower.

pressing sheet

Peel the paper off the HeatnBond fusible, cover image with pressing sheet and press to set the fabric in the desired location.

finished embellished clutch

And before you know it you have an adorable clutch that would make a great gift for a friend, aunt, teacher, or neighbor!

Laura Gunn Poppy Clutch Laura Gunn Poppy Clutch Laura Gunn Poppy Clutch

These were so much fun to make I had to make a couple!

If you can’t find these particular clutches in your local Target (I found them in the dollar spot) don’t panic!  Here’s another option as well.  Or this too! This is something fun you can do any fabric clutch!  If it’s a material you’re not sure can be fused to be sure to do a small test spot first with the iron. Any fabric would work as well – I did a few with elephants and fish in bowls.  I prefer a large scale print because it covers more area and creates more of an impact but strips of fun fabric would work too or you could cut out your own design.  The possibilities are endless and there’s really not much to lose.

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