Adding embellishments to your fabric projects can add fun texture and dimension. Now you can take those embellishments to new heights with the new Spray n Bond Fabric Stiffener. Today I will show you how to use the Fabric Stiffener to create 3D leaves and flowers to embellish some fun fabric projects.

Dimensional Embellishments with SpraynBond Fabric Stiffener Spray

I am adding leaves to my fabric pumpkins. You can find the tutorial and pattern pieces on my blog here. I am also making flowers to add to my mushroom mug rug pattern, that I turned into a shelf sitter pillow. The pattern for those will be available soon, watch my Instagram account for notifications for when it will be available.

I think you will absolutely love this new Fabric Stiffener and all the creative ways you can use it for applique, embroidery, and as shown here, to expand your capabilities with fabric.

Dimensional Fabric Embellishments with Fabric Stiffener


Prepare Fabric with Fabric Stiffener:

  • Cut your fabric to the size you will need for the pattern you will be cutting out. (I cut mine 4 1/2″ wide for the leaves and 3/8″ wide for the tendril)
  • Protect your work surface with freezer paper, parchment paper, or something else (I often use plastic bags from shopping trips.
  • Shake the Fabric Stiffener well, then spray the fabric until wet.

  • To create the tendril, wrap the wet strip of fabric around the dowel and secure with clothespins, allow to mostly dry.

  • While the fabric is very slightly wet, remove the fabric from the dowel.
  • Reshape the tendril and set aside and allow it to fully dry.

  • For the large fabric piece- place your wet fabric onto a large piece of parchment paper, or a towel- to protect your ironing board.

  • Place parchment paper on top of the wet fabric and press using medium heat with no steam.
  • *NOTE: I found that with the amount of moisture in the wet fabric, the parchment paper wrinkled. Frequently lift up the parchment paper and fabric to move around the fabric to press out the wrinkles.
  • When the fabric is dry, remove the parchment paper and press flat if wrinkles have formed.
  • I like to set aside the fabric for a bit to make sure it is absolutely dry before trying to cut and shape.

Cut out pattern shape from stiffened fabric:

  • Use your pattern to cut out the desired shape.

  • Fold and crease the leaf to create veins.
  • Use your fingers to roll under the edges of the leaf to create more dimension.

  • If you want to add even more dimension to your leaf, use a thin line of Fabric Fuse adhesive to glue a thin wire along the center vein of the leaf.

Now all that is left is to shape your leaf as desired and attach the leaf and tendril to your fabric pumpkin.

On the smaller leaf, I added a couple of stitches on the bottom to create a tuck in the bottom of the leaf, then crumpled it to give it more texture before stitching it onto the mini pumpkin.

For the flowers, I curled under each petal using my fingers and press them up around the button center to give some lift to the flower shape.

While playing with some stiffened fabric, I created these flowers that normally would need to be made from paper or felt. I just love how they look in fabric. I am thinking I need a whole rainbow of fabric flowers to have in my craft room!

I am so excited to play with this fun new product more, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with to use it!

Happy Sewing friends! xoxo, Amy

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