A Gentle Breeze
by: Heather Collins

Design Your Own Journal with Artesprix Markers and Deco Foil

A gentle summer breeze. No matter where you are a soft gentle breeze will take you back in time. For me whenever I manage to catch a quick breeze with a hint of lilac it takes me back to my parent’s porch in the summer. We moved from a small little village that had no stop signs, street names or traffic lights. There was one store and that was it. When I turned 12 everything changed. My parents moved to a turn-of-the-century 1908 house with a wide sweeping porch. Next to this porch is one of the largest Lilac trees I have ever seen. Not only was it taller than the porch but filled the entire space between us and the apartment building next door. We would sit on that porch smelling the lilacs and watching the cars go back. Now every time I smell a hint of lilacs I am transported back to the summer of ’87.

I wanted to create a memento of simpler times. And the “Artesprix: Permanent
Thermal Transfer Markers” couldn’t have made this project any easier.

Design Your Own Journal with Artesprix Markers and Deco Foil Instructions:

Simply take a piece of computer paper from your printer and whatever markers from the box and draw an image. I took the purple and green markers to create this simple cover.

Placing a leather travel journal from a big box store on my ironing board with the right side up and the journal open. Next I placed the image I created face down on the journal cover. (Take note if whatever image will be a mirror image of what I created.) I started with a thin washcloth between the iron and my paper.

Also turn off the steam function and make sure the heat is all the way up. I placed the iron in one spot for 2-3 minutes. Do not move the iron around like you would on clothes, just pick up and move if need be.

Next I allowed the image to cool. Then simply take the ‘iCraft Decofoil Adhesive Pen’ and I drew along the stems and leaves. I also just put on my cover to created some background dots.

Wait till the adhesive is dried, place a sheet of ‘iCraft Decofoil Transfer Sheet: Shattered Glass Silver’ and rub a bone folder over the areas I want the silver to show.

For a finishing touch, I took some diamond gems and placed in a random pattern on my cover. This project couldn’t have been easier and the whole thing probably took about ½ hour to make. But most of all it takes me back in time to simpler times.

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Journal Supplies:
Artesprix: Permanent Thermal Transfer Markers
iCraft Deco foil Transfer Sheet: Shattered Glass Silver
iCraft Deco foil Adhesive Pen
Ironing board
Diamond gems
Leather Travel Journal
Bone Folder


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