Hiya scrappy peeps! Suzanna here today to share a tutorial with you on how to cut Deco Foil Flock Transfer sheets using your digital cutting machine (a Silhouette in particular) to add great texture to your layouts. It’s dead easy to run shapes through a manual die cut machine but that’s one size fits and all and, if you don’t have a local scrapbook store, and you want a lion but don’t have a lion metal die, then your digital cutting machine is your go-to. It’s taken me some trial and error to figure out the setting and a lot of ruined sheets of the flock so I’ll share that info and spare you the agony!

Circus Scrapbook Layout


Pebbles Bigtop Dreams Paper

Cut Settings for Deco Foil Flock

Details on how to do this are in the first 5ish minutes of a tutorial and process video that you can find HERE. For simple reference, in cut settings in the Silhouette Design program, you want to choose the following;

    • Speed: 4
    • Force: 12
    • Blade Setting: 5

Working with the Flock

Consideration needs to be taken in your cut mat set up as well. Placing the flock directly on the mat doesn’t work, in my experience. First, place a piece of scrap printer paper on the sticky side of the mat. Place your flock, colored side down on the printer paper and secure on all four sides with Purple tape. This ensures as clean a cut as possible with as little flock as possible adhering to the mat.

You can also use flock to back digital cut files as I have done on this layout for the word “Circus” and the scalloped border for the bottom of the oversized phrase/title for this layout. The fine metal tips are a great addition to your go-to liquid adhesive, Ultrabond, that enable you to get into those tight spaces between letters and lines of text when you are backing files!


  • use a fine metal clothing pin to seal the tip
  • be sure to replace the metal pin as soon as you are finished applying adhesive as the glue dries in that tiny tip amazingly quickly

And that, my friends, is my sage flocking advice for you today! If you have questions about using any of the ThermOWeb products on your memory keeping projects, please ask! I’m thrilled to know how I can use flock in my Silhouette and would be happy to help you be thrilled using these products too.

Circus Video Tutorial Video

Thanks for stopping in today!


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