If you are a crafter, you’ve probably started thinking about how to make decorations for the Holidays. Let me show you how to create festive Christmas trees place cards to decorate our table.

Christmas Tree Place Cards with HeatnBond Interfacing

I found that the perfect material for the trees is the Stitch n Sew foundation stabilizer. It is so versatile, you can paint, iron, and cut it and is sturdy enough to keep, in this case, the tree up.

To complete this project we will also need:

Let’s start by painting the stabilizer. Mix your acrylic paint with water. One part paint with three parts water. Cut a piece of freezer paper one inch bigger all around than your stabilizer. Wet your stabilizer e immediately place it on your table and start painting it. Let it dry completely.

Once dried bond the craft extra firm interfacing to the back of the painted interfacing.

Print and trace your pattern on a piece of paper and cut the pieces apart


Trace the three tiers of the tree on the painted interfacing. You can get six trees from two painted interfacings; front and back. Paste and iron a little piece of iron-on adhesive tape in the upper side of the bottom and middle tier. Peel and iron one on top of the other.

With the help of the sewing machine sew all around as shown in the sample. Only for this photo, I chose a black thread but I made the rest with red thread.

Cut a rectangle from the painted interfacing with the color side out and sew the two pieces together as shown below. Sew only the middle and top tier of the tree. Cut the extra interfacing.

Let’s prepare the fabric scraps. Grab, a stencil, transfer gel, scrap of fabrics, and an old credit card. Apply the gel (will look white when wet) and let it dry. You know when it’s dry when the gel becomes transparent.

Place a piece of foil, the color side up, on top of your fabric, sandwich between two pieces of parchment paper and pass it through the laminator, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Peel the foil and iron Heat n bond lite interfacing on the back. Cut 1/4″ strips from your foiled fabric and place them on the bottom of each tier. Place a small piece of parchment paper inside the tree and a piece of parchment on top. Iron. Trim from the back. Repeat the same on the back of the tree. The idea is to cover the knots where we start and finished the stitching.

Iron HeatnBond Ultra Hold Dark Fabric Interfacing to a piece of fabric, use medium heat. Trace and cut two stars per tree. Matching the points iron one to the front and one to the back. use medium heat.

ALWAYS protect your foil with parchment paper when using heat. 

Now let’s put the names inside. For that, we will need the inkjet transfer sheets for light fabrics. Choose a nice font from your computer and write the names you wish. Remember to select mirror image (reverse image) before you print. For this project, I found that the words should be two inches by one inch.

With your iron on the cotton setting, iron for 40 seconds. Let cool completely. If you find any resistance when you are peeling the paper iron a little longer.

Make a bunch and spread the love this Holiday season. (you could also do a little hole in the star and pass a piece of thread to make an ornament!)

Made by Margarita Korioth from http://margascrafts.blogspot.com