Hello friends – Andy here from A Bright Corner.  Is your Christmas tree up yet?  Usually I’m patient enough to wait until the first week of December to decorate ours, but this year I was itching for Christmas decor in mid-October.

Today I’m sharing a tutorial to make these Burlap Christmas tree ornaments!  These quick little ornaments are great for using up fabric scraps and would also make cute gift tags.

Burlap Christmas Ornament Tutorial


Supplies needed:

Step 1:  Choose the fabrics you’ll need for each ornament.  For mine, I used the fun snowflake prints from “Let It Snow” (Windham Fabrics).  Print the Christmas Ornament Templates page on to regular paper.

Burlap Christmas ornaments 1


Step 2:  Using a pencil, trace each shape (not the squares, just the shapes inside – the tree & trunk, wreath & berries, the bird & eye, and the star) onto the paper side of the HeatnBond® Ultra.  Cut out around each shape, leaving about 1/4″ around each.  Also cut out the center of the wreath, again leaving about 1/4″ of space.

Burlap Christmas ornaments 2


Step 3:  Iron the shapes on to the wrong side of the fabric scraps.  Then, using sharp scissors, cut out each shape along lines.

Burlap Christmas ornaments 8


When cutting the outside of the wreath, use pinking shears:

Burlap Christmas ornaments 9


Step 4:  Using the Christmas Ornament Templates page, trace the squares on to the HeatnBond® Craft Extra Firm fusible interfacing.  Trace one square for each ornament being made.  Cut each square out, leaving a little space around each.  Iron each square (shiny side down) to the solid background fabric.  The fusible interfacing will provide stiffness to the ornament.  The solid fabric will be the back of the ornament and will provide a nice, finished look.


Burlap Christmas ornaments 3


Step 5:  Place the interfacing/solid fabric squares over the burlap.  Using a rotary cutter and ruler, cut all layers (interfacing, fabric & burlap) directly on the lines.


Burlap Christmas ornaments 4



Burlap Christmas ornaments 5


Step 6:  Cut a 6″ piece of ribbon.  Line up one burlap square with the interfacing/fabric square, with the burlap touching the interfacing side.  Using about a 1/4″ seam and coordinating thread, sew around three sides of the burlap/interfacing/fabric square.  Insert the two ends of the ribbon between the burlap and interfacing to make a hanging loop.  Sew the last side together, catching the ribbon ends in the seam to hold them in place.


Burlap Christmas ornaments 6


Repeat for each ornament.  Each one should have burlap visible on one side, and the solid fabric visible on the other side with the interfacing hidden inside.


Burlap Christmas ornaments 7


Step 7:  Peel the paper backing from each ornament shape.  Place on the burlap side of the square and press in place.  For the wreath, first press the wreath, then add the berries.  For the tree, press just the top of the tree in place, slide the trunk underneath the bottom and finish pressing.


Burlap Christmas ornaments 10


Step 8:  Add the final touches – buttons, glitter, etc.


Burlap Christmas ornaments 11


These can also be used as handmade gift tags, by writing the message on the back with a micron pen.


burlap ornament tag

Your ornaments are ready to add to the tree!

Burlap Christmas Ornaments




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