Howdy ya’ll! Jamie Mueller from Sunflower Quilts is back with a fun Back 2 School project for yourself or to make for the awesome teachers in your life. I liked this project so much I made one for my front door and my son’s PreK teacher!

Back to School Fabric Fuse Wreath
B2S wreath header copy

Back 2 School Wreath
Project Supplies:
Styrofoam Wreath Form
Felt in various desired colors (I went for the multicolored rainbow look)
School supplies for decorations (I used crayons and glue stick)
Felt balls
Chalk Board Sign
Fabric Fuse™ Liquid Adhesive
Glue gun (to adhere the crayons and glue stick in place)

Project Directions:
1. Cut out different sized circles from felt.

*TIP: I used an Olfa Circle Cutter to make mine, but you can freehand them or use another cutting machine to make your circles.TooltipText
B2S Wreath 1

B2S Wreath 2

2. Using Fabric Fuse (make sure to read package instructions), adhere circles all around Styrofoam until completely covered. Let completely dry.

*TIP: Since it is the middle of summer, I put my wreath outside to dry faster!TooltipText
B2S Wreath 3

B2S Wreath 4

3. Once dry, using Fabric Fuse™, adhere felt balls and buttons where desired around wreath. Let completely dry.
B2S Wreath 5

B2S Wreath 6

B2S Wreath 7

4. Using a glue gun, adhere crayons, glue stick and welcome sign where desired.

*TIP: I used a glue gun for this step because the crayons/glue stick are not fabric and are heavier.TooltipText
B2S Wreath 8

B2S Wreath 9

Your wreath is finished; enjoy!

Feel free to embellish with anything you want. Paints, brushes, colored pencils and erasers are all fun ideas!

I added a foam apple cutout and added my son’s teacher’s name to make it more personal.