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I for one am all about having the kids help or learn to do more for themselves.  These little animal washcloth mitts are perfect for helping them learn to wash up in the bath.

They are super easy to customize to the animal you love.  Just depends on your ear shapes and face additions you use.   Because of their simple shapes, no templates are needed.

animal washcloths

You can use terry cloth fabric to make it soft on their skin.  It is a bit fuzzy when you cut it- watch out for that!  You can find some cute colors– or use whatever you have on hand.

Materials Needed:

terry cloth – 2 — 7″ X 9″ per animal

terry cloth- 3″ X 12″ — cut it into 2 squares 3″ X 3″

black fabric scraps- eyes, mouth

HeatnBond® lite

Animal Washcloth Mitt Tutorial:

1)  Round the top two corners of washcloth.  animal washcloth1

2)  Using the smaller terry cloth piece for the ears, trim the ears to your preferred shape- round the top for a bear, make points for a cat.  Sew around three sides, trim, and turn right sides out. animal washcloths5

3)  Using the HeatnBond® lite fuse it to the black fabric.  Cut out a triangle for a cat nose, circle for the bear, and two small circles for eyes- depending on what you are making.

4)  Fuse the face pieces in place on the outside piece.

5)  Using a zig zag or button hole stitch, stitch around the pieces.  You will need to stitch around the face pieces because they will need a little more security while scrubbing and washing in the tub.

6)  Stitch a mouth line if you’d like at this point too

animal washcloth3

7)  Pin the ears in place between the large body pieces.

animal washcloth6

8)  Stitch around the three sides of the body- leaving the bottom edge open

9)  Fold the bottom edge 1/2″ and hem

hem the bottom10)  Turn right sides out

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– Becky


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  1. [email protected]
    July 19, 2015 at 1:45 am (8 years ago)

    These animal-washcloth-mitts are simply adorable! Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

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