With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I have been spreading the pink and red all over the house. When I got to my room, I didn’t really have anything I wanted to put on display, so I decided to make something new. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I love pillows.

Scrappy Fabric Heart Pillow

So, I decided to make a pretty red and pink scrappy patchwork pillow for my bed. But instead of making the standard square pillow cover I usually do, I turned this one into a heart and stuffed it full of Fiberfill…and love, of course. I love how it turned out. I’ve included instructions for how I made it, and if you keep reading, you’ll also see a fun little surprise I included as well!

Supplies Needed

  • Scraps of red, white, and pink fabric. Cut the scraps into 2.5″ squares. I cut 50 white squares and 50 red/pink squares for 100 total squares.
  • 20″ square of backing fabric
  • Two 10″ squares for the pocket on the back
  • 20″ square of batting
  • 1 bag of Fiberfill
  • Spray n Bond Basting Spray
  • Heat n Bond Lite interfacing

Scrappy Heart Pillow Sewing Instructions

  • Sew the 2.5″ squares into a scrappy patchwork. You will need 10 rows of 10 squares each. 100 squares seem like a lot of squares, but if you chain piece, they sew together quickly. I alternated the white (low volume) prints with the pink/red prints for a checkerboard effect.

  • Arrange your rows like you want them. Press the seams of the rows in opposite directions. Sew the rows together, nesting the seams as you go. Press well.

  • Place your scrappy patchwork face up on the batting square. Using the Spray n Bond, baste your pillow front to the batting. Quilt as desired.

  • Using a large piece of paper (wrapping paper, tissue paper, newspaper, etc), cut a 20 ” square. Fold the square in half and sketch out half of a heart. Cut out your heart shape and place it on your patchwork to make sure it will fit.

  • Once your heart is the right size and shape, pin the template on the patchwork and cut out the heart. Warning: this will hurt a little, cutting off some of that beautiful patchwork!
  • Cut the same shape from the pillow backing material.

  • On a 10″ piece of paper, sketch out another heart shape. Cut out two hearts, one from the pocket front and one from the pillow lining. Also, cut out two heart shapes from the HeatnBond interfacing.

  • Iron the interfacing to the back of the heart shapes.

  • Sew the two hearts together, right sides facing, leaving a small opening along one side for turning. Turn the heart right side out. Fold under the edges of the opening. Center the heart pocket on the pillow back fabric and sew the heart in place. NOTE: leave an opening in the top of the heart to slip notes or treats down in!

  • Place the pillow back and front together, right sides facing, but leave an opening to putting in the stuffing. Stuff the pillow to desired consistency with Fiberfill, and hand sew the opening closed.
  • Put your favorite treats in the pocket, and give the pillow to someone you love!

Thanks for sewing along with me today!