With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to get those last minute handmade gifts started! I love giving a gift that I’ve made for someone. From planning to creating, it’s all wrapped up in love.

My new favorite thing to make is zipper bags, everyone needs one. For EVERYTHING! Plus you can never have too many! When I received the Thermoweb HeatnBond® Iron-On Vinyl I knew exactly what I was making. Make-up and toiletry bags are always needed and adding vinyl allow it to be more durable over time.

Deco foil Iron On Vinyl Makeup Bags

Makeup Bags with Deco Foil and HeatnBond Iron-On Vinyl

Supplies (for one bag):

-2 Fat Quarters (one for exterior and one for interior)
-1 package of Thermoweb HeatnBond® Iron on Vinyl
-1 package of Thermoweb HeatnBond® Fusible Interfacing-Heavy Weight
-1 package of Deco Foil™ Transfer Sheets
-1 package of Deco Foil™ Hot Melt Adhesive
-18-inch zipper


MakeupBags with Deco Foil and Iron-On Vinyl

Step 1:

Iron your two fat quarters and decide what size bag you would like to make. I made two different sizes (9×12 and 8×10), for the rest of the post I will refer to sizes for the 8×10 makeup bag.

Cut two rectangles 8×10 from your exterior fabric. Repeat for the interior fabric.


Step 2:

Cut out your letters for make-up/toiletries bag using a cutting machine or trace and cut by hand.

Following Deco Foil™ Hot Melt Adhesive instructions, add the letters to the right side of one 8×10 exterior fabric and allow to completely cool. Make sure that you heat your Deco Foil™ Hot Melt for the correct amount of time. When laying down your color make sure the color side is on top when you go to iron it.


Step 3:

Cut out four 8×10 pieces of HeatnBond® iron on vinyl and tw0 8×10 pieces of interfacing.

Take each of your exterior and interior pieces of fabric and iron on the vinyl to the right side of all four pieces, following the instructions on the package. When ironing the vinyl start at one corner and move diagonally across. You want to make sure that you are ironing next to what has already been ironed so you do not end up with bubbles. Make sure you do not iron directly on the HeatnBond® Iron-on vinyl, it will melt! Keep this in mind when you are assembling the bag.

Now iron on the HeatnBond® Fusible Interfacing to the wrong side of each of the exterior pieces. This gives it the stability but not bulkiness of using batting or HeatnBond® Fusible Fleece. If you want a more fluffy feel, switch the interfacing for Therm o Webs Fusible Fleece.


Step 4:

Sew together your zipper bag using your favorite method!

Fill with your favorite goodies and package up for your favorite people.


-Kristen Wright of Two Blondes and a Sewing Machine

1 Comment on Perfect Holiday Gift Idea – Makeup Bags with Deco Foil and Iron-On Vinyl

  1. Alicia Key
    December 24, 2015 at 12:08 pm (6 years ago)

    I tried to cut a name and dog from the heat bond stuff. Could NOT get it to work. Tried lessening the blade depth, the pressure, the speed. It kept wrinkling up the bond part. What’s your secret?