Hiya ThermOWeb fans! Suzanna here on this snowy day here in Central Virginia with a snowy layout for you!

We hadn’t had any snow here until today so this layout was created using pictures from last year. My daughter’s version of snow; posing for pictures that Mum requests that involve little to no interaction with the stuff at all! LOL! Doesn’t the DecoFoil flock look stunning with these photos? We have flock 3 ways; debossed, die-cut, and transferred through a stencil.

3 Ways to Use Deco Foil Flock for a Snowy Scrapbook Layout

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While not your typical snow color palette, it works perfectly with these photos. The colors were based on the central piece of patterned paper with the snowflakes from PhotoPlay with the mustardy yellow, greens, teals, and red. Thus the use of the Blue Sky, Ruby Red, and Tuscan Gold DecoFoil Flocks match perfectly!

The first of the three flock uses is the simplest; die-cut. I applied Easy-Cut Adhesive to the sheet of the flock and then run it through my manual die cut machine with this intricate snowflake die. The use of the Easy-Cut made it simple to peel and stick!

The second use of the flock above is also simple; debossing. No skill is involved here. Literally, just run your sheet of the flock through a manual die-cut machine with a plate that adds the look of faux stitching for the debossed snowflakes. The key to success here is remembering to put the “fuzzy” of the flock to the plate to get the right look of the deboss on the flock.

Last but not least, and the most time-consuming of the three is transferring flock to the page. Apply Duo transfer gel through a stencil, wait, oh so patiently for it to dry. The Duo will be clear when it’s suitable for use. From here you can either fun it through a manual die cut machine or hot laminator with the flocked side DOWN onto the DUO. I opted for a hot laminator as I have a hot laminator that fits my 12×12 page through it. Note that I did this early in the building of my layout so as not to worry about bulky embellishments or flattening other flock.

Overall, this is a simple layout but the texture and color of the flock really adds movement and visual interest to the page.

Be sure to click below to view the process video and watch this snow wonderland come together!

Thanks for stopping in today! I hope 2022 has been good to you so far!



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  1. stampiljke
    January 6, 2022 at 1:42 pm (2 years ago)

    Thank you for tutorial. I love it so much.