Patriotic Placemats with Deco Foil

With summer just around the corner, there will be picnics, barbeques, celebrations for the 4th of July or maybe you have a loved one coming home.  I am here to show you how to make super fun Patriotic Placemats with a touch of DecoFoil™.

Patriotic Placemats collage

Here is what you will need to make your placemat/placemats.

Project Supplies:

DecoFoil™ Transfer Sheets in Silver

DecoFoil™ Hot Melt Adhesive

Red, White, and Blue fabric 1/4″ yard each

Backing Fabric



Directions are for 1 placemat

1/4″ seam allowance throughout

Project Instructions:

Step 1:  Cut your blue fabric 5 1/2″ x 12 1/2″

Step 2: Cut your red and white fabrics – 3 strips of red and 3 strips of white – 2 1/2″ x 11 1/2″

Sew your red and white fabrics together alternating the colors

Step 3:  Print out your star shape, you can draw your own or find free templates on the internet. Trace the shape on your a sheet of Deco Foil Hot Melt Adhesive.

DecoFoil Stars 5

Step 4: Cut the exact shape of the star out.

Step 5:  Iron the shape on the desired area of the blue fabric.  Make sure that you leave a 1/4″ away from the edge of the fabric so that it is not sewn into the seam allowance.

DecoFoil Star 3
Step 6:  Remove the paper backing.  Iron your DecoFoil Transfer Sheet on the Hot Melt.  For my Oliso iron, I use the medium setting for both adding the hot melt and ironing on the DecoFoil.  I also suggest that you test it out to see which setting works best for your iron.

DecoFoil Star 2
Step 7: Remove the extra foil sheet.  Sew your blue fabric piece to the left side of your red and white piece, as the picture shows.

Step 8:  Make a quilt sandwich.  Top, batting, then backing fabric.  Quilt as desired.  I hand quilted mine, which I love the look.   Add binding.

Step 9:  Hand sew hearts and buttons to the stars if desired.


DecoFoil Star
DecoFoil Star 5

Last, Enjoy a bit of Patriotism to your table!

Patriotic Flag Placemats

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