Going out for a New Year’s party is fun, but don’t you just hate fixing your hair just to have it ruined by someone’s idea of a hat?  Why not make your own headband for the New Year and you can show up to the party in style.  Make a cute top hat headband with HeatnBond Craft weight interfacing.

Top Hat Headband

by Carla at Creatin’ in the Sticks

Top Hat Headband Supplies:

HeatNBond fusible interfacing – Craft Extra Firm

HeatNBond Ultra iron-on Fusible Adhesive

Fabric Fuse Liquid Adhesive

Black and Red fabric

Aurifil cotton floss (#5004)

Purchased fabric headband

iron (I love my Oliso Pro)

Hat Pattern:  Leprechaun Hat in the book, Handmaid Hostess by Kelly Lee-Creel and Rebecca Söder.  (Enlarged 150%)

Scissors, fabric marker or pencil, permanent marker, a needle for sewing with floss, red ribbon, clothes pins or clamps, computer with word program and printer. Optional: feathers and other decorations.

Top Hat Headband Instructions:

Step 1:

Enlarge the pattern or draw your own and trace the pieces onto the smooth side of the interfacing.

Trin around the traced pieces and fuse them to the wrong side of the black fabric.  Follow the package directions to bond the interfacing to the fabric.

Step 2:

Cut out the pattern pieces following the traced lines.

Step 3:

Print 2019 with a word program using a desired font and size.  Trace the reverse of the numbers onto the paper side of the HeatNBond Ultrahold iron-on adhesive with the permanent marker.

Fuse the numbers to the wrong side of the red fabric following the package instructions.  Cut out the numbers, peel the backing paper away, and place the numbers in the middle of the hat side.  Bond the numbers with an iron using the package instructions as a guide.  Do NOT sew around the numbers.  The beauty of HeatnBond Ultra is there is no sewing required.

Step 4:

Whip stitch the top hat pieces together with two strands of Aurifl floss.

Step 5:

Cut the red ribbon the length to go around the bottom of the hat.  Apply a thin line of Fabric Fuse to the wrong side of the ribbon.

Press the ribbon onto the hat overlapping the ends.  Use dots of Fabric Fuse to adhere the hat to the purchase headband and clamp in place with clothespins to dry for 4 to 6 hours.

.Finally, add feathers or any other sparkle with Fabric Fuse and welcome the New Year in style.