Here are the four quilts before they were foiled with DecoFoil.

Hello, it’s Molly Hanson author of Free Motion Quilting for Beginners and those who think they can’t, and I am excited to share these mini quilts I made for Thermoweb’s Quilt Market booth.  These 4 quilts are all 20″ square.  I used HeatnBond® Fusible Fleece™ for the batting in all four- this was ideal as these are meant to be wall hangings and the fleece gave these quilts lots of nice body for a wall hanging, they aren’t floppy in nature, but have a bit of stiffness to them that is ideal for a wall hanging.  After basting I quilted a fun modern flower design on each quilt and then did a different background fill stitch in each just to keep it interesting.

I had fun using up the ends of some of my nicer thread spools on these small quilts.  After I was done quilting them the real fun began- time to Deco Foil™!  I used my Deco Foil™ Liquid Adhesive like paint and with a craft paint brush I painted it in the centers of the flowers and the edges of the petals.  Waiting for the glue to dry was the hardest part, but after an overnight dry I got right to foiling these quilts and I am just thrilled with the results I got.  I love the tone on tone look of the blue and copper quilts- the foil is more subtle on those two, but still very effective in drawing the eye into the fancier quilting.  The black quilt is just fun all around, I used a rainbow varigated thread, and then the rainbow foil on top is just so bright and cheerful- I love how the Rainbow Deco Foil™ and it’s varigated colors works with the thread to make this little beauty stand out.

The pink quilt originally got Pink Melon Deco Foil™, but it just didn’t stand out enough, so I added Silver Deco Foil™ and it worked great with the gray thread I used.  This was a really fun technique and one I will be using again to liven up my quilted projects in the future.

Be sure to stop by our Booth #2033 at Quilt Market to see our newest products and how you can use those in your projects! Molly amazing quilt along with many others will be there for you to see in person! We look forward to seeing YOU!