Hi everyone!  It’s Kim Lapacek of Persimon Dreams here to talk to you about spray basting.  There are a lot of arguments out there about which way to baste a quilt is best but the true answer is – baste whichever way works best for you.

I personally like to spray baste.  I have the room to spread out in a well ventilated area and it works well for me.  Don’t get me wrong – I’ve used some cheap, nasty spray baste that caused my needles to gum up and my thread to break every other stitch.  If you’re going to spray baste I recommend using a good basting spray.

Spray N Bond

I have been using Spray N Bond® Basting Adhesive on all of the quilts I quilt myself since I became an Designer for Therm O Web and I have to say – it works great.

time to quilt

I don’t have any problems with gumming up my needles and thread breakage while I’m free motion quilting.

And before I know it – without any hassle of breaking needles on pins (pin basting) or having to take out any thread later (thread basting) – I have a finished quilt.

Autumn Exuberance

‘Autumn Exuberance’ is just an example of one of the quilts I successfully free motion quilted after spray basting with Spray N Bond® Basting Adhesive.