I love to sew while in my jammies with a cup of coffee close at hand.  Henry Glass has the best fabric for making super pajama bottoms that have quilters going wild.  Jenifer will show you how easy it is to alter any pattern you have laying around to give it that extra special touch.

Pajama Pants

Henry Glass Crazy Quilting Ladies Pajama Pants by Jenifer Cowles

Project Supplies:

JeniferCowles_TOW_Quilting PJs supplies

HeatnBond® Lite Weight Interfacing

Henry Glass Shop Hop Fabric

Aurifil Thread 50 wt thread #2024 white

 Fabric Cutting:

1 ½ yrds of Main fabric-follow cutting directions in the pattern

2-4”x size of bottom of pant leg (width of pant leg will depend on pattern)

1”x44”-for tie around the waist (this will vary on waist size a good measurement would be waist plus 24” so you can tie it in a bow)

Interfacing Cutting:

2” x 4” piece for tie reinforcement

Other Supplies:

McCalls Pattern P276, erasable marking pen, Iron (Oliso Pro), sewing machine, sharp scissors, other general sewing supplies

 Pajama Bottom Sewing Instructions:

JeniferCowles_TOW_Quilting PJs a

Following the package instructions, fuse a 2”x 4” HeatnBond® Lite Weight Interfacing piece to the wrong side of front of the pants. This piece of interfacing will give your fabric the stability for the buttonholes so that the fabric doesn’t rip.  Create your buttonholes and finish the casing per the pattern instructions.  With right sides together sew along the long edge of the tie and turn.  Run the fabric tie through the buttonholes and tie in a bow.


JeniferCowles_TOW_Quilting PJs c

Cut 2” from the bottom of the pants (or desired cuff length).  Fold the cuff in half along the long edge and press with wrong sides of the cuff together and stitch with right sides together along the bottom of the pants.  Finish the side seams and you are done.

JeniferCowles_TOW_Quilting PJs d

**Tip** Use a scrap piece of ribbon as a tag to mark the back of your pants. This is especially helpful when sewing for children so that they can quickly tell the front from the back.TooltipText

Jenifer Cowles Shop Hop Pajama Pants

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