Halloween Haunted House Applique Wall Decor

Halloween prep is in full swing at our house! Costume supplies are being bought and made, decorations are going up, and the candy is being eaten like crazy! We are getting ready! I try to make at least one new decoration for our home each year. Last year I had so much fun creating a fun Halloween silhouette pillow for our house.

haunted House Halloween Pillow

So much fun, in fact, that I decided to do another Halloween silhouette project. This time I made a framed “portrait” of a spooky house and paired it with a fun Home Sweet Home sign. This project is so easy and quick. It’s versatile too. If you like the design, consider appliqueing it on a pillow, tote, or even a shirt! If you like the frames portrait, I’m sharing all the details below so you can make one too!

Supplies Needed

  • 12″ x 15″ rectangle of background fabric
  • 9″x 10″ rectangle of black fabric
  • 1 package of HeatnBond UltraHold Fusible Interfacing for dark-colored fabrics
  • 8″ x 10″ picture frame
  • Spooky House Pattern:

Haunted House Sewing Instructions

  • Cut a 9″ x 10″ rectangle from the HeatnBond. Fuse to the back of the dark fabric.

  • Cut out the house shape from the pattern template and trace it onto the paper side of the HeatnBond. Cut out the door and window shapes. Place them where you want them on the house and trace. Now is your chance to customize your house!

  • Cut out the house, as well as all the window and door openings you drew on as well.

  • Peel the paper backing off of the house and fuse it to the center of your background fabric. You do not need to stitch around the house because the Ultra Hold fusible interfacing is super strong and is “no-sew”!

  • Using black thread, stitch some details on to your house. I stitched window panes, a widow’s walk, and porch rails on mine! I also added some blackbirds flying above the house.

  • At this point, I felt like it needed a moon, so I traced a small glass on some white fabric to get a perfect circle. I fused HeatnBond Ultra Hold for light fabrics on the back of it, and cut it out. I ironed it just to the left of the house and stitched on some more birds. Scroll down to see how it turned out!
  • Using the cardboard insert that came with the picture frame, center the house over the cardboard and fold the excess fabric over the sides, and secure in place. I folded mine like a present and taped it to secure it.

  • Remove the glass from your frame. Insert your portrait, hang it up, and enjoy!