Gumball Machine Fabric Applique Wall Art

Good morning, it’s Stephanie from Sissy Belle Sews, and I’m here to share another fun fabric art tutorial with you! Nothing says happy like a machine full of colorful candy, especially to my five-year-old. He would choose something out of a gumball machine over any other dessert, any day of the week! So, when my new circle and tumbler dies arrived for my Crafter’s Edge Crossover II machine, I got creative and created him his very own gumball machine. It’s a cute (and healthy) way for him to enjoy his favorite treat! If you want to make one too, keep reading and I’ll tell you how I did it!

Project Supplies Needed

  • Scraps of fabric in various colors for the gumballs and gumball machine parts
  • 13″ x 16″ piece of background fabric
  • 11″ x 14″ picture frame
  • Crafter’s Edge Crossover II Fabric Cutting Machine and circle and tumbler die sets
    • You will use the 1.5″, 4.5″, and 6.5′ circles and…
    • 2″, 3″, and 6″ tumblers
  • 1 package of Heat n Bond Lite fusible interfacing
  • 1 bottle of Fabric Fuse

Gumball Sewing Instructions

  • Cut the colorful fabrics you will use for the gumballs into 2.5″ squares. Fuse a 2.5″ square of Heat n Bond Lite to the back of each square.

  • Without removing paper and using the 1.5″ circle die, cut out your gumballs.

  • Cut an 8″ square of white fabric, a 6″ square of red fabric, and a 2.5″ square of black fabric. Cut squares of Heat n Bond the same size and fuse to the back of each fabric square. Using the 1.5″ die, cut a black circle. Using the 4.6″ die, cut a red one, and using the 6.5″ die, cut a white one. These pieces will be used to make the top half of the gumball machine.

  • To make the bottom half of the machine, cut an 8″ square of red fabric, a 4″ square of gray fabric, and a 3″ square of black fabric. Cut squares of Heat n Bond Lite to the same size and fuse them to the back of the fabric pieces. Using the tumbler dies for the Crafter’s Edge machine, cut out the pieces as shown. These will be the bottom half of the gumball machine.

  • Remove paper backing from all fabric pieces. Arrange fabrics as shown in the diagram.
    • NOTE: for the top half of the gumball machine, you will layer your red 4.5″ circle behind your white. If the red circle shows through your white fabric, trim off the excess, leaving just enough to tuck under the white one to hide the edge.

  • Using a contrasting thread color, topstitch around all shapes. I also stitched a “handle” on the gray piece of the gumball machine bottom.

  • Center the design over the cardboard insert that came with your picture frame. Wrap the edges around the cardboard like a present, then glue or tape in place. I used the ThermOWeb Fabric Fuse, and it worked great.

  • Insert your art into your frame and enjoy! Can you believe this was made using only two shapes?!

Thanks for sewing along with me today, and thank you Crafter’s Edge for the amazing products!