You don’t need fancy machines or a laser printer to add foil to your school supplies! With a paintbrush, you can add your own lettering to any surface – like this spiral-bound notebook!

DIY Foiled Notebook - simple to make with no fancy tools or machines!
You’ll need your notebook, DecoFoil™ Liquid Adhesive, a paintbrush, and your choice of DecoFoil™ Transfer Sheets … available in 18 fun colors!

supplies for notebook
Squeeze the adhesive onto a scrap of paper, then dip your paintbrush in, and paint on the design. The adhesive isn’t self-leveling, which means you get to see all the great brushstrokes that make the design really stand out.

paint lettering
Paint in the whole design. You don’t want the adhesive to be super thick, but don’t be afraid to add a generous layer – especially if you’re painting on a porous surface like paper, cardboard, or fabric.

paint on adhesive
Wait until the adhesive is dry. 4-6 hours, or overnight. If you see any “milky” spots left, it isn’t dry yet!

adhesive not dry
Once the adhesive is dry, place your Deco Foil, colored side up, on top of the adhesive. Press with your finger to secure the foil to the adhesive. For the best shine, use the soft, padded part of your finger, not the finger nail.

burnish with finger
I find that a cotton swab works really well for securing the foil.

burnish with q tip
You will see the Deco Foil™ releasing from its backing. Once you’re satisfied, you can lift up the backing and admire your foiled folder!

foiled lettering
Foil all the things!

finished foiled notebook

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